Main Games


Touch the picture projected on the floor with your feet to fight with the crazy chicks to find the lost kingdom of Atlantis.

Crazy Bowling

Magic affects like flaming, icing and so on will be created on the bowling lane when participants throw the ball.

Live Sea

Color each chick to help them alive. Create your own chick swimmer.

Why Us


Challenge your friends with Crazy Chicken games!

Learn in Fun

Let the children learn more when they are playing.

You Can't Miss It!

Investment Once, Benefit Permanently.

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First Multimedia Interactive

Start your adventure from here.


Unlimited Effects

One software brings endless games.

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Round1 Entertainment Center in Japan

RichTech System incorporated our Interactive Wall System and Interactive Floor System into the existing games available. Not only do these enhancement benefit the child, they will be a “no-brainer” for any clients.


RichTech Interactive Slide Projection System for Hamley’s

RichTech is pleased to be a part of continuing that dream by introducing our Interactive Slide Projection System to Hamley’s, creating an environment where a child can be just that: a child.

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